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About HBNU

Hubei Normal University (HBNU) is a key provincial university which is specialized in teacher education and focuses on such disciplines as humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. Adhering to the strategies of serving the basic education, the University is characterized by its teacher education as well as the research in education. Hubei Normal University, with the authority to confer Master's degree, is claimed as one of the excellent universities in China in the national teaching quality evaluation of undergraduate programs.

Located in the downtown area of Huangshi, the University occupies the beautiful campus of 1.4 square kilometers with a total floor space of some 604,500 square meters. The campus has beautiful sceneries of green hills and a transparent lake with fragrant flowers and various green plants all year round, providing a desirable environment to nurture talents. It has been granted such titles as Garden Style Unit of Hubei, Secure and Civilized Campus of Hubei and Civilized Unit of Hubei. It is an ideal place to study and research in.

Hubei Normal University consists of twenty colleges. It offers courses for 77 Master’s degree programs and 77 Bachelor’s degree programs. The university has constructed 13 state-level characteristic specialties, 10 state-level excellent courses, 16 provincial key and characteristic disciplines, 17 provincial brand specialties and 26 excellent courses in the state or provincial level, 10 state-level experimental teaching demonstration center, 18 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 12 provincial key lab, 10 provincial engineering lab, 14 provincial key research bases of humanities and social sciences and 16 provincial postgraduate creative workshops.

Hubei Normal University has the highly qualified faculty and staff of nearly 2000 members, many of whom enjoy high prestige in their respective academic circles in China.

The University library, awarded as one of the excellent libraries in Hubei Province, has a collection of books totaling over 2.98 million volumes. Moreover, the campus network center is one of the PoPs of China Education and Research Network. The university has been evaluated as one of the Advanced Unit in the Construction of University Websites in Hubei and the university website is approved as one of the Best University Websites in Hubei.

The University has various kinds of service organizations and facilities, such as supermarkets, western food canteens, post office, clinic, banks, theaters, computer centers, gymnasium, stadiums, students’ activity centers, etc. which make HBNU a desirable environment to study and stay in. The Performance Center of HBNU and the teaching building of College of Music are located by the Qingshan Lake. The Performance Center of HBNU, also named as “Lotus on the Water”, is a state-of-the-art performance center among the universities in China, and it has once served as a site for the 8th National Art Festival.

In recent years, HBNU has presided over 700 research projects that are funded by the National Science Foundation and Provincial Government. Meanwhile, HBNU has won 39 pieces of practical patents of invention, 35 national and provincial prizes, and published 362 academic monographs and textbooks and 5254 treatises, among which 904 treatises are indexed by some famous index systems, such as SCI, EI, AHCI, and ISPT, etc. Thereafter, the university is awarded as the “Advanced Unit for Serving Science & Technology in Hubei” and “Advanced Unit for the Progress in the Development in Science and Technology in Hubei”.

Hubei Normal University attaches great importance to the students' growth and prospective development. Fifty clubs have been established by the college students. The university has built more than 370 practice bases, among which 16 bases are evaluated as the best ones in Hubei. The employment rate of our graduates excels that of most of the other provincial universities in Hubei. Accordingly, the University is entitled as the Advanced Collective for graduates’ employment rate and the Advanced Unit for sponsoring the teacher education in Hubei.

Since its foundation in 1973, HBNU has already brought up more than 100,000 students who have been well appreciated by their employers and the communities. In the new century, Hubei Normal University has set a goal to strive to run itself into a top multidisciplinary university with the main feature of teacher education in China.


Colleges and Specialties Available for International Students

Taught in Chinese

College of Economics and Management

1. Economics

2. International Economics and Trade

3. Financial Management

4. Economic Statistics

5. Logistics Engineering


College of Political Science and Law

1. Law

2. Administrative Management

3. Urban Management


College of Educational Science

1. Pedagogy

2. Applied Psychology

3. Primary School Education

4. Special Education

5. Pre-school Education



College of Educational Information and Technology

1. Educational Technology

2. Information Engineering

3. Digital Medium Technology


College of Physical Education

1. Physical Education

2. Social Sports Guidance and Management

3. Dance Performance (Sport Dance)


College of Chinese Language and Literature

1. Chinese language and literature

2. Radio and Television

3. Advertising

4. Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language



College of Foreign Studies

1. English

2. Business English

3. Japanese

4. French


College of Mathematics and Statistics

1. Statistics

2. Applied Statistics

3. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

4. Information and Computational Science


College of Physics and Electronic Science

1. Physics

2. Electronic and Information Science and Technology

3. Electronic Information Engineering

4. Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering


College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

1. Chemistry

2. Applied Chemistry

3. Chemical Engineering and Technology


College of Urban and Environmental Sciences

1. Geographical Science

2. Natural Geography and Resources and Environment

3. Humanistic Geography and Urban and Rural Planning

4. Environmental Engineering

5. Geographic Information Science


College of Life Sciences

1. Biological Science

2. Biological Technology

3. Food Science and Engineering


College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering

1. Electrical Engineering and Automation

2. Automation

3. Rail Transit Signal and Control

4. Industrial Design


College of Fine Arts

1. Art

2. Visual Communication Design

3. Environmental Design

4. Product Design

5. Clothing Design


College of Music

1. Musicology (Music Education)

2. Musicology (Vocal Music Performance)

3. Musicology (Instrumental Performance)

4. Musicology (Composition)

5. Dancology

6. Dance Performance

7. Art of Broadcasting and MC


Taught in English  

Information Engineering


Requirements for Applicants

1. Age 18 to 25

2. Good health and proper behavior

3. Abide by the laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China and HBNU.

4. Able to pay all study expenses

5.Bachelor application need HSK4 transcript report (valid for two years)(scanning copies).

Fee Structure (tuition, accommodation, insurance, and visa)

1. Tuition fees

Language student 12000rmb/y

Bachelor student 14000rmb/y

Master student 20000rmb/y


2. Accommodation fees

8000rmb for a single room

4000rmb for a double room


3. Insurance fees



4. Visa fees




1. Language student 5000rmb/y

2. Bachelor student 10000rmb for the first year, starting from the second year, students can apply for different kinds of scholarships with different levels according to their study performances. 

3. Master student 20000rmb for the first year, starting from the second year, students can apply for different kinds of scholarships with different levels according to their study performances. 


Materials needed to submit

1. International students’ application form of HBNU (ask for by email)

2. Graduation Certificate of Senior High school (scanning copies)

3. Transcripts of senior high school (scanning copies)

4.Bachelor application need HSK4 transcript report (valid for two years)(scanning copies).

5. Passport and three passport-photo sized photos (scanning copies)

6. Foreigner Physical Examination Form (scanning copies)

7. No Criminal Activity Certificate (scanning copies)

8. Family economic ability proof (bank deposit certificate scanning copies)


Contact Information

International Education College of HBNU

Address: 11 Cihu Road, Huangshi City, Hubei Province, 435002, P.R. China

Zip Code: 435002

E-mail: international@hbnu.edu.cn

Contact Number: 0086 714-6575993 (Ms Lee)

Fax: 0086 714-6575993

HBNU website: www.hbnu.edu.cn/English/

Enrollment Wechat ID: Lxiner (Ms Lee)