Application Guide for Hubei Normal University

International Chinese Language Teachers (Confucius Institute) Scholarship 2020

I. Qualification of Candidate

All applicants shall be:

a) non-Chinese citizens;

b) in good physical and mental conditions, and with good academic performance and conduct;

c) committed to the Chinese language education and related work;

d) between the ages of 16 and 35 (as of September 1st, 2020). Applicants currently working as Chinese language teachers shall not be over 45.


II. Scholarship Categories and Application Requirements





Starting Date


One- Academic- Year Students

(11 months)

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of other language

May 10th



HSK test (Level 3)270, and an HSKK test score (studying in China are not eligible)

Chinese Language and Literature

May 10th



HSK (Level 3) 180,

and HSKK(Intermediate Level) 60. (studying in China are not eligible)

Chinese Language Learning

May 10th



HSK (Level 3) 210. (studying in China are not eligible)

One- Semester Student

(5 months)

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of other language


May 10th


Nov. 10th





HSK( Level 3) 180,

and an HSKK test score(the X1 or X2 visa are not eligible)

Four-Week Students

(4 weeks)

Confucius Institute Special Program

April 10th


Sep. 10th




Students with HSK scores, organized and applied by the Confucius institute as a team of 10-15 students to form one class. (the X1 or X2 visa are not eligible)


III. Scholarship Coverage

1. Full Confucius Institute Scholarship includes: tuition fee, accommodation fee, living allowance (except four weeks scholarship students) and comprehensive insurance for foreign students studying in China. Living allowance standard is as follows:

a) CNY2, 500 for Bachelor's Degree Students, One-Academic Year students and One-Semester Students.

b) CNY3, 000 for Master's Degree Students.

2.Hubei Normal University provides free dormitory for the students. Students are not allowed to live out of campus in principle.

3.Scholarship students are required to register at the school on time, otherwise their scholarship qualification will be canceled.

4.The students who are enrolled before the 15th (or on the 15th) of the month are entitled to the full allowance of that month while those enrolled after the 15th of that month are only entitled to half of the amount. Living expenses of the graduates shall be distributed to the school for half a month after the date of graduation.

5. During the study period, for any scholarship student who is absent from China due to personal reasons for more than 15 days (excluding winter and summer holidays), the allowance during absence will be suspended. For scholarship students who suspend study or drop out of school for personal reasons, or who are given disciplinary punishment by the host institutions, allowance will be terminated on the date of such suspension, dropping out or when the decision of such punishment is announced.


IV. The Application Procedure

1. Online Application

From March 1st, 2020 Applicants can register online on the Confucius Institute Scholarship website (http://cis.chinese.cn)and fill in the “Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Form”, and upload electronic scanned copies of the supporting documents.

2. Applicants can visit the Confucius institute scholarship website to search and select the recommending institutions.

3. Recommending institutions will review and recommend the qualified students to Hubei Normal University. Hubei Normal University will be in charge of examining the admission qualifications of applicants and conducts merit-based pre-admission.

4. Confucius Institute Headquarters will entrust an expert panel to review the applications. Decisions will be made based on HSK and HSKK scores and levels, and in consideration of country distribution as well as other factors. The results will be published about three months before school starts.

5. After confirming the intention of studying abroad, Hubei Normal University will post the Admission offer letter and JW202 Form and other admission materials to the recommending institutions.

6. Students can print the scholarship certificate online. Scholarship owners can only receive the scholarship treatment after they come to Hubei  Normal University and register on time.

7. According to the <Confucius Scholarship Annual Evaluation Method>, Degree student should be assessed at the end of the first term.


V. Application Materials

Recommending institutions need to complete the whole application procedure and make sure the name, nationality and permanent address of the applicant is correct. If the following documents are not in Chinese or English, notarization documents should be provided.

1) Scanned copy of passport photo page.

2)Applicants under the age of 18 shall submit proof of entrustment signed by a guardian in China.

3)Scanned copy of HSK, HSKK transcript report (valid for two years).

4)Recommendation letter signed by the head of the recommending institutions.

5)Notarized the highest diploma certificate (or scheduled graduation proof) and academic transcript.


VI. Application Deadline

1. For four-week students in summer vacation, the application deadline is 20th April.

2. For students entering on September, the application deadline is 20th May.

3. For students entering on December, the application deadline is 20th September.

4. For students entering on March, 2021, the application deadline is 20th November.


VII. Contact Information

Contacts: Ms. Li, Mr. Huang

Address: Room 214,the Humanities Building ,International Education College of HBNU

Zip Code: 435002.

Mail: international@hbnu.edu.cn

Contact Number: 0086 714-6575993 (Ms Lee)

Fax: 0086 714-6575993

HBNU Website: www.hbnu.edu.cn/English/

Enrollment Wechat ID: Lxiner (Ms Lee)